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Table Host - Fiona Godsman from the Scottish Institute for Enterprise

A CEO to stimulate and facilitate discussion

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Unlike a traditional conference setting, Impact Summit offers a festive, creative and interactive programme, maximising delegate participation and channelling the ideas of everyone present into actionable recommendations.

Table hosts play the role of stimulating conversation and facilitating discussion with a diverse group of attendees. They are ecosystem partners, leaders and role models who also are committed to the Can Do Agenda. Let's meet one of them: Fiona Godsman!

Fiona Goodsman - CEO - Scottish Institute for Enterprise | Impact Summit by FutureX | The Barras, Glasgow | 9th May 2018

Fiona Godsman is Chief Executive of the Scottish Institute of Enterprise (SIE), the national
organisation for promoting and supporting enterprise and entrepreneurship in Scotland
universities and colleges. SIE’s vision is for all Scotland’s students to develop into innovative,
entrepreneurial graduates, driving Scotland’s prosperity. Fiona’s role at SIE is strategic and
operational, ensuring that activities remain relevant, effective and supportive to both student entrepreneurs and academic staff.

She serves on a number of advisory groups related to enterprise and entrepreneurship education,
sits on the board of trustees of Glasgow Clyde College and is a member of Entrepreneurial Scotland, ensuring that SIE plays a vital connecting role between academia and business within Scotland entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Fiona has nearly 20 years experience in senior global sales, marketing and business development
roles in a number of pharmaceutical biotechnology organisations, including Q-One Biotech and
Invitrogen. Prior to leading SIE, Fiona founded a specialist marketing consultancy, utilising her
experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

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Impact Summit by FutureX | The Barras, Glasgow | May 9th, 2018
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