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Speaker - Leah Hutcheon from Appointedd

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Leah Hutcheon, CEO of time-management software company Appointedd, and winner of UK Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year 2017, is heading to Impact Summit with her husband and baby daughter to talk about reimagining the workplace. With her company’s software now serving fortune 500 companies as well as British household names like Marks and Spencer, we asked Leah for her views on the future of work and the global economy.

Leah Hutcheon - Appointedd - Impact Summit 2018

Why did you decide to take part in Impact Summit?

When I learned about the mission behind Impact Summit and was invited to bring my daughter on stage with me, I could only say yes. Impact Summit represents all the authentic, lovely, nurturing things that most conferences aren’t. It’s a chance I wouldn’t miss to explore a common purpose with a unique and highly energetic group of people.

Is there one thing you wish to get across at Impact Summit?

I realised through pregnancy, and through becoming a mother while running a company, that you have to choices to make, so why not make those choices work for you? In a small business you don’t have endless resources. The world doesn’t always work the way you want it to. Facing challenges has made me more determined to shape my environment for the better. So I want to encourage others to hack the way they work, because why wouldn’t you? We should all be aiming to make work as fun and enjoyable an experience as it can be.

"Impact Summit represents all the authentic, lovely, nurturing things that most conferences aren’t." - Leah Hutcheon

Is there anything you wish to learn at Impact Summit?

I’ve been really excited by the people who are coming and even more excited to experience the energy that people from so many different sectors and backgrounds will inevitably create. In particular, I can’t wait to meet Loki and Indy Johar, since I’ve been reading more about their writing and creativity. Most of all, I’m excited to involve my daughter and to find out what that will be like.

What does working towards a regenerative global economy mean to you?

I think it means a few different things. First, as a software company there is role that we play by default, by freeing up people’s time to be as positive, productive and creative as they can be. It’s easy now for businesses of any size to have a software stack that takes away a lot of the pain from work and frees up time, so people can spend more time doing what they love. Second, it’s about giving our team the ability to create their own work in an environment that they love. Business owners have a responsibility to provide great places to work, because we spend so much time at work. And thirdly, it’s about money and spending it in the right way, by reinvesting in the team or giving back to the community. A regenerative economy is one where businesses are aware of the impact they have at every level.

"Facing challenges has made me more determined to shape my environment for the better." - Leah Hutcheon

What would the best outcome of Impact Summit be for you?

There will be lots of people like me at Impact Summit who are totally behind its mission. I would love for those people to leave with a tangible plan for action and to feel like they’ve got a role to play in shaping the economy of the future, no matter how small. But even more exciting would be if there are people in the audience who have never had the opportunity to engage in these kind of discussions. The best outcome would be if someone in the audience who is new to this way of thinking goes away to start something new and world-changing.

Unlike a traditional conference setting, Impact Summit offers a festive, creative and interactive programme, maximising delegate participation and channelling the ideas of everyone present into actionable recommendations.

Do you want to join us for this unique event? Join the conversation on Twitter and get your tickets now! Just click on the picture below and #BeTheChange!

Tickets - Impact Summit 2018 - The Barras, Glasgow - 9th May 2018
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