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Impact Summit in partnership with The Hunter Foundation

Rethinking the economy of tomorrow in Glasgow’s iconic Barras

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Impact Summit brings together a radically diverse audience of 300+ global citizens, including leaders, thinkers, refugees, teachers, young people, the hard to reach and changemakers in politics, business, startups and education to rethink the economy of tomorrow in Glasgow’s iconic Barras.

Sir Tom Hunter with Brewdog founder James Watt at FutureX Startup Summit 2017

Sir Tom Hunter with Brewdog founder James Watt at FutureX Startup Summit 2017

"As a small nation competing with the biggest we need to use agility, speed of thought and action to win; we need to move from a nation of deliberators to a nation of activists with the common good at the forefront of our thinking." - Sir Tom Hunter

Unlike a traditional conference format, Impact Summit will have an interactive programme that maximises delegate participation: channelling the ideas of everyone present into actionable recommendations that will feed into new projects and an Impact Summit memorandum to Scotland’s leaders.

Impact Summit is the final and closing event of CANDO Fest -  an initiative being co-created by the entire of Scotland enterprise support ecosystem with the ambition of building a world-leading entrepreneurial nation, a place where sustainable growth and innovation deliver benefits to all of society. Our ecosystem is recognised as one of the most ambitious in the world and as a small country, we believe we have the opportunity to pilot a new model for the economy.
The Future X team is committed to run this event over the long term and our vision is to scale it every year with people from all over the world joining to contribute and learn, recognising Scotland as an advocate for the new economy and set the global agenda for economic and social change all over the world. 

Impact Summit at Barrowlands, Glasgow - 9th May 2018

We are co-creating this Festival to gather the people who can help us bring this model to life, accelerate system change and deliver improved economic, environmental and social value.

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