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Impact Summit 18: Press Coverage

Read what attendees said about Impact Summit 2018

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With more than 300 changemakers gathered at The Barras and St Luke's in Glasgow on 9th May 2018, Impact Summit was the place to be!

Nick Freer in The Scotsman - Comment: Entrepreneurs creating impact as well as income

Perhaps Scotland’s greatest chance to change the status quo comes via the next generation, millennials who simply won’t abide by the “we’ve always done it this way” approach to how we work and live in the 21st century. Impact Summit provided a platform for this narrative. - Nick Freer

Colin Hewitt (Float App) and Callum Murray (Amiqus) at Impact Summit 2018

It was obvious to hear that everyone at the table felt a sense of community and responsibility when it came to the current economic situation and the future; if individuals in all areas of society feel like they’re genuinely part of things, then a more balanced discussion can be had. - Callum Murray

Josiah Lockhart from Firstport - Joining up or conversations about the future of the Scottish economy.

Following a unique, inclusive format, the 300 people in attendance tried to create a roadmap to make Scotland the most inclusive and virtuous economy in the world.​ - Josiah Lockhart

James Montgomery from Bridge 2 Business - Scottish Youth join the conversation at Impact Summit

James Montgomery from Bridge 2 Business - Scottish Youth join the conversation at Impact Summit

Having students in attendance made a real difference; during the afternoon I was hugely impressed by the input of the young people at my table, offering insights from their own lives and communities with a passion and confidence that left some of the older delegates in my group in awe.​ - James Montgomery

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