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Impact Summit 18: Photos and video

Thank you for coming to Impact Summit 2018

It's time for change.

Impact Summit 18 saw 300 bright minds come together to learn and discuss how we can come together to reimagine the global economy. Against the backdrop of the legendary Barras, our attendees looked at how we live, learn, work and play. The day was brought to life through the incredible speakers (including First Minister Nicola Sturgeon), poets and workshop hosts who together created an environment where we could open our minds and share ideas for building a better future.

A huge thank you to everyone that made this event possible. We're already planning next year - see you there!


Photos are available by clicking below. Feel free to tag yourself, your friends and your colleagues and we hope to see you all next year for Impact Summit 19!


The talented folks at Campfire were there too and they shot us an awesome video, so you can relive the day (or pretend you were there in the first place!).

Video | Impact Summit 2018 | FutureX

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FutureX Nepal - 18th-26th November 2018
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