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3 reasons to be at Scotland’s first Impact Summit

Join us in Glasgow on the 9th of May!

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Scotland’s first Impact Summit is coming to Glasgow on the 9th of May with a veracious mission to reimagine the global economy. If you are a dreamer, rebel or a changemaker this is the event for you. Join over 300 delegates across three venues to listen, discuss and reinvent how we live, learn, work and play.

Not your average conference

If the thought of sitting through a day of forgettable presentations with only white bread sandwiches and concentrated orange juice to sustain you fills you with dread, then you are going to love Impact Summit.

With engaging talks to frame the day, as well as a great mix of workshops and interactive discussions, Impact Summit is going to feel more like a festival than a conference. From the unique setting in the heart of the Barras to the street food market and after party, the programme will leave you supercharged to put your ideas into action and inspired to collaborate with those around you.

Tickets - Impact Summit 2018 - The Barras, Glasgow, May 9th 2018

Not your average conference goers

Whether you are a student, teacher, entrepreneur, politician or an enterprising citizen, everyone is welcome at Impact Summit. Only by working together for meaningful change can we hope to build a global economy that lifts up everyone and the work starts right here in Scotland. From curious creatives to pondering pioneers, every delegate will be encouraged to share their views and, more importantly, to turn their ideas into new plans and shared projects.

The future is up to you

Of course, we can’t create a new global economy in a day, but we can be part of a movement that demands equality and dignity for every human being. At Impact Summit you will also have the opportunity to take part in a facilitated, roundtable discussion with your fellow delegates, which will feed into a conference memorandum to Scotland’s leaders. Plus, with Impact Summit set to return next year, there will be plenty of future opportunities to keep the momentum going.

Impact Summit is a chance to imagine the change you want to see in the world, as well as an opportunity to meet the people who can help you turn that vision into reality. Get your tickets by clicking on the image below and follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates!

Tickets - Impact Summit 2018 - The Barras, Glasgow, May 9th 2018
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